Husband Watches Wife Fucking Other Man

One of the biggest visual aur aural thrills for a married couple is for the husband to watch his wife fucking other man. There are things that a cuckold husband can watch that a typical vanilla couple loses out on

Benefits for a cuckold husband to watch his wife fucking other man

  • He can watch his wife really being pleasured, her moaning, her putting her hands on the head of the guy who is eating her pussy or pushing the ass of the man who is fucking her, deep into her.
  • When you fuck your wife, you are consumed by your own pleasure but when you see her getting fucked by another man, you see every single nuance of her pleasure, her eyes closed, her lips opened into an O, her toes curling, her ass lifted off the bed
  •  There is no better thrill than watching a big cock going inside the hungry pussy of your wife or her mouth opening to receive a big  black cock.
  •  The cuckold gets a servile pleasure in being subservient to the dominant bull and feels happy to see his wife in throes of excitement and satisfaction, later.

Benefits for the man who fucks the wife in front her husband

  •  The bull get to show who is the boss of the house. You may make love to your wife, but the bull USES YOUR WIFE’S PUSSY FOR HIS GRATIFICATION.
  •  For the bull, your wife is a trophy and he has to win big. So he uses the right strokes.
  •  The bull get the visual pleasure in seeing your wife under his cock while you are staring and masturbating at a corner.
  •  The bull gets a dominant pleasure in dominating the cuckold husband and his wife.

Benefits for the hot wife fucking another man, while husband is watching

  •  The wife enjoys her role as a lady as well as the slut. She is being treated special by the cuckold husband while her bull lover treat her like a slut.
  • The wife gets to experience another man, find out how good and kinky he is in bed and enjoys the pleasure of a huge cock inside her.
  • The wife gets the visual pleasure in watching her husband masturbating and watching while a man on top of her is pumping her like crazy.
  • The wife enjoys her dual role in bed, being subservient to her dominant bull and mistress to her cuckold husband.



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