Wife’s sex positions with the bull

Your wife enjoys sex more with the bull, it is more of a primal -man vs woman thing. Depending on how they want to play the game, your wife and her boyfriend indulge in a hot, sweaty fuck or smooth, sensuous love-making session. The bull likes to treat your wife rough and no matter, how sensuous and slow the foreplay is, when they fuck, they fuck like dog and bitch in heat.  Also, your wife gets to enjoy a variety of sex positions with her lover, especially when he is young and fitter than you. Here are some of the fucking positions between your wife and that other man in her life.

Man on TopHere your wife really loves being dominated by her stud, he thrusts hard and strong and she loves every bit of him inside her. 

another man fucking wife

Woman on Top – Your wife rides her boyfriend, she feels him deep inside her, it is such a sexy feeling

another man fucking wife positoni

Your wife enjoys her boyfriend taking her from behind too. Doggie style, your wife has so much fun as she concentrates on the sheer pleasure of the dominating-subservient act. 
another man fucking wife 2


Your wife’s lover has come once in her but he still wants more, this is a classic side-by-side position, where he sleeps with his cock in your wife’s pussy and then stirs and fucks her again. 

bull fucking wife

Your wife is in love with this cool dude and loves sucking his cock, while her cunt is being ravished by her lovers’s tongue

bull postions with hot wife

The dominating bull that he is, he manages to fuck your wife’s ass easily and she is a complete putty to him, enjoying his thicky creamy semen in her bowels too.
fucking ass by bull man

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