Wife’s sex fantasies, Choosing the right man to have sex with wife

What kind of boyfriend or male lover is the best for your wife. As a cuckold husband yuou have many choices.  If your wife is sexy or flirtatious, anyone with a penis would like to  have sex with her. But then your wife is a hot wife, a Goddess who has the power to choose the man who can mate with her. Here are some options

  wife fucking black man

The Black Male –  BBC or the Big Black Cock is a hot topic that is discussed with hush-hush tones in a girl group. Women have a fascination for dark chocolate and all things mysterious and a big black cock is as fascinating as a piece of thick dark chocolate and the man attached to it is mysterious and aggressive. Black men are known to be ‘Alpha’, white women tend to be attracted to the black men because opposites attract.  Black men are well hung, their cocks can hypnotize and they are inherently blessed with a higher libido. Plus, black men are known to have great bodies with broad shoulders, flat stomach and a muscular butt,  the entire package is enough to make a woman salivate

  1. wife with boyfriend
  •  Her Ex-Boyfriend- Women are emotional beings; they may still have a soft corner for their ex-boyfriends. And if he was a good lay, your wife may reflect on what went wrong and how sex with him was such fun. One good thing about hooking your wife with her ex-boyfriend is the trust factor.  If the breaking up of her boyfriend happened due to him  cheating on her, your wife can dispel those thoughts because you are her husband now.  What he does in life is none of her business, what he does to her, is .

wife sex with man in uniform (2)

  • Someone powerful –  Sex is a power-game and by power, we mean authority.  So,  your wife having sex with another man like her boss, your boss, a politician has its own element of kink on it.  Watching your wife suck your boss’s cock definitely gives a rise. And yes, the boss may just give you a raise.

wife fucking servant

  • Someone powerless – Your wife having sex with a house-help, a driver, servant or such people is quite erotic.  Your servant may be subservient  to you in every room but in the bedroom, you are subservient to this worker as he services your wife, who also follows his orders.  Secondly, people like these are naturally horny and desperate, they are the sorts who would go to lengths to sniff your wife’s used panties; so imagine how they would feast her pussy. But in such an equation, it is very important to get the right man, who can be trusted enough to keep his mouth shut. Your wife should let him know that she will cry rape or forced sex if a word ever came out. And  the help must be informed that he is in power only in the bed.

wife fucking different religion man

  • Someone from a different religion or culture – Having sex with another man from a different religion or a culture has a special ring of eroticism in it. This often extends beyond the act of sex. For instance, watching your vegetarian wife turning non-vegetarian and trying out various meat preparations after being with her boyfriend from another faith, does give a different high. Watching your wife adapt herself to the culture of another man is also  really sexy.

wife sex with man in uniform

  • Men in Uniform –  Women have a thing for men in uniform.  Ask your wife about her sexual fantasies. It could be for a pilot, a mechanic, an army man. Check online or on Facebook for men who belong to such groups or someone you know who has that kind of vocation and then set a date for your wife, and watch the sparks fly.

wife fucking stranger

  • A stranger – Check online for single men or couples who are into being a bull or wife swapping. Proceed cautiously, get to know the man well. Define boundaries, if you wish and let the wife bond with the man. Or you can just go with your wife to a bar or a pub and let a man flirt with her.  She can then have a quick one-night stand with him or an intense passionate-play. It is not necessary to have penetrative sex, if  you do not want to.

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