Indian wife fucking servant – sex story

wife fucking servant

In countries like India, it is seen that the hot wife has sex with the servant, especially when her husband is busy to take care of her sexual needs. A hardworking young servant gets the advantage of removing his mistress panties, when her husband is too busy to care. The thrill of fucking a man of low class is a turn-on for the rich wife.

I came home unwontedly one hot midsummer morning, and found my wife fornicating with the servant.

They saw me. They didn’t stop. Didn’t miss a beat. They just went right on fucking, feverish and rabid. They actually seemed to enjoy having me there, the hapless, helplessly watching cuckold, my presence seeming to spur them. Their cries grew louder, lewder and both looked at me as their bodies thrashed and heaved and writhed in that frantic, eager, obscene lust.

There was nothing I could do about it. And I realised, to my horror, that finally there was nothing I wanted to do about it. Of course, there was that stunning little pause common in such situations: I froze at the door to the bedroom, my eyes widening, my mind numbing, my heart hammering wildly, a sickening hollow wrenching the pit of my stomach.

Vidya lay naked on her back across the width of the bed, her legs spread wide, her knees forked and raised, her back arched, her gorgeous, swollen breasts thrust out, her nipples visibly stiff and nut-hard with excitement, the dark aureoles puckered. Her lovely face was flung back, almost over the edge of the bed, and it was a vision of lust: her eyes were wide and glassy, her nostrils were flared, and her mouth was open in a loud cry of lust that, as she saw me, died on her lips; but only momentarily. A slavish smile lit her face and I heard her moan again, now with heightened arousal.

Kneeling between my wife’s splayed thighs with his legs folded under his buttocks, his knees spread wide, his hands under her thighs was our recently engaged twenty-two year old servant, Ashok. He was a tall, lean, muscular, handsome youth, with clean-shaven finely chiselled features: his nose was slim and straight, his eyes were deep and dark, his black hair was thick, his jaw was rugged. His body was strong, with broad shoulders sweeping past a deep and well-cleaved chest to a narrow waist and high hips. His arms and legs were long and sinewy, with thick, rounded muscles. His belly was flat, rock-hard, with a prominent six-pack of hard, cobbled muscles. His torso was hairless, even the armpits shorn.

And then there was that cock of his. It was truly magnificent, bigger than mine by far, a dream tool. I could see it clearly: at least nine inches or more in length, over two inches thick, standing out proud and rigid in front of heavy, low balls. When I came in, his buttocks were half-flexed, his hips in mid-thrust, hers in mid-rise and his cock was half-in, half-out of her cunt, its thick, long shaft glistening with their comingled coital juices. He stopped his thrust when he saw me; his eyes darted in fleeting panic from my face to hers; saw and gauged her reaction; and immediately his eyes and face lit with a triumphant, gloating grin and now, entirely for my benefit, he squeezed his cock back deeper into my wife’s cunt, going in slowly and deeply. She moaned her lust aloud. The slut.

Physically, sexually, he was everything I was not. I could see why Vidya found him attractive. And how could he, for his part, have resisted her? She is one terrific looker, a great piece of ass. She is very lovely, very sexy, still has the irresistible bloom of youth. Slender and dusky, she has an elegant face, with high cheekbones, a straight nose, perfect teeth, a lovely smile and dark, elongated, kohl-rimmed eyes. Her mouth is sexy with a slender upper lip, the lower full and straight. The chin and jaw are beautifully sculpted and firm. Her shoulder length hair is dark and silky smooth. She wears small diamond earrings, finger-rings and toe-rings and a gold chain twinkles around her long and graceful neck. There are sexy hollows in her throat and shoulders. Her body is stunningly curved. Her breasts are full and ripe, tipped with dark aureoles and stubby nipples. Her belly is firm and flat, her hips are flared, and her buttocks are delectable curves. Her limbs are slender and well turned with shapely legs and slender ankles and wrists. Her fingers and toes are long and well shaped. Between her legs, the dark delta of her pubic hair is neatly trimmed.

And she loves sex. She craves it, hankers for it, demands it, always has since her early teens. I have never been able to match her appetite. Or her aptitude. There was just no way could the servant have denied her, or she him.

Now a slow, lascivious smile creased her lovely face. Without taking her eyes off my face, she spoke to her lover.

“C’mon, Ashok … show him. Show him everything you do to me. Everything. Let him see. Let him know! C’mon, fuck me … fuck me like a whore … fuck me hard!”

Her hands slid up to her swollen breasts, squeezing them erotically together, offering them to her servant-lover. Kneeling above her, the servant grinned, right into my face, then down at her, and flexed his buttocks and thrust deep into her, making her arch and gasp in pure, unfaked pleasure.

All I could do was watch numbly.

“Yeh, c’mon … take it, slut!” Ashok grunted, flexing his buttocks and driving his cock deep into her cunt.

Beneath him, Vidya gasped as his penis surged into her cunt. Her hips jerked up at his and her body arched steeply under his. Her head arched back and her fingers clawed at his sprawling shoulders.

“OHHHH uhh Ohma uhh yes … c’mon … do it, baby … fuck me! Oh that’s so good … yeh … ohh uhh yes … c’mon … shove your cock right up my slit, baby … ahhhh uhh yes … oh fuck yes! C’mon! Fuck me, Ashok! Fuck me hard! Ohma uh yes uhhh Ohh Ashok!”

He moved masterfully, his muscles rippling like snakes under his taut skin, his hips rocking to and fro in a beautifully controlled rhythm. I watched, mesmerized, as his enormous cock ground in and out of her cunt, appearing and disappearing and shining and glistening with their consilient coital fluids. Her body jerked and rocked under his thrusts, her swollen breasts jiggling and bouncing sexily. She moaned and gasped her joy, digging her fingers into his bulging biceps, squeezing his buttocks, crushing her own breasts in excitement.

My erection was monstrous.

Grinning at me, the servant unfolded his legs and bend over her on outstretched arms and knees. He lifted his hips and, his eyes on my face, with a skewering rush of his hips, his buttocks flexing taut, thrust deep and hard into my wife’s flesh. She cried out sharply, arching even more steeply, shuddering, her fingers clenching his bulging biceps. He laughed softly, scarcely out of breath and began moving fast, fucking her demonically. His hips rocked rapidly up and down, up and down, back and forth, to and fro, his buttocks flexing and unflexing. Under him, Vidya’s body jerked and snapped with his thrusts, her swollen breasts bouncing wildly, the gold chain around her neck tossing, her feet locked in the small of his back. Her cries and lewd love-calls grew sharper, higher, and louder.

“OH! Ohma uhh OH uh oh yeh oh uh oh uh oh uh OHH uhh OHH uh OH uh OHHHHH!” she called loudly in broken, staccato gasps. “C’mon, Ashok … fuck me … fuck me! Your cock feels so good! C’mon! Shove it in! Shove it right up my cunt!”

“Yeh, that’s it!” he grunted, really into the act with a vengeance now. “C’mon, you whoring bitch! Take my cock!” He grinned at me. “Your wife’s a helluva slut, boss,” he said. I noticed he didn’t use the honorific and more respectful aap, just the familiar tu. I guess it made sense, given the circumstances. “Got a helluva itch in her cunt, the slut! And a nice and hot and tight cunt it is, too!” He laughed softly. “Loves fucking the servants, doncha, whore?”

“Yes!” Vidya gasped, feverishly bucking her hips under his. He thrust deep into her and she arched and cried out and, as he slid out, moaned in pleasure, her hands sliding down his muscular back, clenching his buttocks, drawing him back deep into her. “Oh god yes, Ashok yes! I love fucking you! All of you! OHHH uhhh OHHHH Ashok uhh ohma uh yes uhh OHHHHH c’mon uh ohma uh yes uh c’mon, Ashok, c’mon! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” And then, “Show him! Don’t stop! Show him everything!”

The servant winked broadly at me. “Hear that? See how she begs like a whore!”

He bent his head, his shoulders knotting together, and kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. Vidya moaned and sucked on his tongue and lips, her arms wound slavishly about his sprawling shoulders, her feet hooked behind his knees, her swollen breasts flattening against his chest. His hips kept rocking up and down, his buttocks flexing and unflexing. He rose again and now I saw him grit his teeth and arch his head and groan thickly. He moved faster now, plunging steeply in and out of her cunt. Her body jerked and rocked under his thrusts, her breasts bouncing wildly.

As if on cue, they slowed and I realised that this wasn’t the first time they’d been together. They knew each other’s moods and desires too well. He slid smoothly out of her and, unbidden, still gasping and panting, she rolled slowly onto her front, facing me, raised on her forearms and knees, her body slanting down away from him. Her breasts hung heavy and pendulous, her gold necklace swung free. Her face glowed with a soft radiance of lust. She shuffled her legs apart and turned her face over her slender shoulder to the servant.

“Fuck me,” I heard her groan. “C’mon, Ashok, fuck me from behind … like a bitch …”

The man chuckled and moved forward on his knees, pressing his cock-head between the curves of her buttocks. “She really loves it like this,” he informed me. “Real bitch.”

Now I had my chance. I turned the tables on them. I had my little vengeance. I stepped past them insouciantly, opened my cupboard and pulled out my digital video camera. I turned back to them. They were gaping at me. I grinned, winked and turned on the video camera.

“Go on,” I said calmly, even cheerfully even. “She’s a real randy bitch. A total slut. Keep fucking her, my friend. She likes that. Always did. Ever since she was 17.”

I started filming them, moving in front to get a head-on shot. On the bed, Vidya moaned, her excitement as visible and naked as the rest of her. She got into the act very quickly and I could see that this new shift was actually arousing her.

“C’mon, Ashok, c’mon! Fuck me like a bitch!”

The servant moved his cock-head to her cunt-lips, wet and unfurled and quickly squeezed his cock-head into her. She bit her lower lip in anticipation. He gripped her hips, chuckled, and, in one long, punishing, piercing stroke, his buttocks flexing taut, his hips jamming against her buttocks, thrust deep and hard into her. She cried out sharply, a call of the purest joy, her mouth opening in a wide O, her head lifting.

“OHHHHH uh OHMA uhhh ohhhh uhh OHHH Ashok uhh OHHH!” she went.

“Yeh! Oh fuck yes!” he exulted. “C’mon! Take my cock!”

He started fucking her rapidly with deep, skewering thrust. His hips swung to and fro, his buttocks flexing and unflexing. In the camera’s viewfinder, I could see his huge cock appearing and disappearing between the curves of her buttocks, grinding wetly in and out of her cunt. Her body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her swollen breasts bouncing, her gold necklace tossing back and forth. His hands dug into the soft flesh of her hips as he moved faster, his thighs now slapping loudly against her buttocks, grunting and calling loud obscenities to her. Beneath him, she rocked back and forth, her shoulders hunching as her head sank low. He moved faster and I filmed him thudding into her, making her breasts bounce violently, her necklace tossing wildly. Her cries grew higher and her face contorted in lust, and I saw her squeeze her breasts feverishly, reach back and pull her buttocks further open for him.

“OHH yes! Oh god yes, Ashok, yes! Oh ma uh yes uhh OHHH!” she cried. “Oh yes! Fuck me! Yes! That’s it! OH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OHHHHH uh OHHHHH!”

He was moving furiously now, his thighs slapping loudly at her buttocks, caroming off them, his balls pressing to her cunt-lips with each thrust.

“Yes c’mon whore bitch yes! Take it! Take my cock!”

He slapped her buttocks sharply and she gasped and he grinned at me, then bent slowly over her body, pushing his hands under her breasts to cup and squeeze her turgid breasts. She turned her face over her shoulder and I watched them kiss, the servant and his memsahib, my wife, deeply and with enormous, visible desire. He slowed his thrusts for a moment and moved his legs apart and rose into a deep crouch on his heels astride her hips, his feet on either side of her belly, his fingers steepled in the small of her back. She was pinned under him and in this position his cock could drive down into her especially deep. She sank her torso lower on the bed, her face on one side on the sheets, her arms spread, whimpering thickly now.

“C’mon, cunt, whore, c’mon! Take my cock, you whoring bitch! Take it all!” He thrust in harder and faster, grunting loudly. “Let him hear yer, whore! Tell him you like it! Let your asshole husband hear it from yer! Let him hear your voice when a real man fucks you! C’mon, whore!”

It came quickly, eagerly, in loud, rattling, full-throated cries of ecstasy. “Yes! Oh god yes, Ashok yes! Oh ma uhhh yes oh god yes, c’mon, Ashok! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck my cunt like a whore! Stuff me, Ashok! It feels so good!”

The servant moved in faster, now pistoning and plunging steeply in and out of my wife’s cunt, jerking her body to and fro under his. The man was relentless. He just kept going. I could never have lasted half as long; the servant showed no signs of tiring or losing control. His body language was aggressive, dominant and demanding. Clearly, he was fucking my wife for his pleasure now. But there was nothing crude about his technique. It was a masterful performance: superbly adroit, totally in charge. It was obvious she loved every second of it, being fucked hard and rough like this, being treated like a common gutter whore.

From where I stood, facing them, I missed nothing. Vidya’s face was turned to me and the effulgence of lust and excitement on her face said everything. Her back was arched upward from her shoulders to her raised hips and thrust-out buttocks. The servant’s muscular body straddled hers and I could see his huge, dark, glistening penis stroking furiously in and out and up and down, plunging and pistoning like a mechanised trip-hammer, powering in and out of her wanton flesh, each thrust drawing a cracked sob of pleasure from her throat.

He slowed his tempo gradually and shuffled his feet back up a bit, lifted her torso up on her outstretched arms and hands again. She moaned, her shoulders hunching together, her head bowed, mouth open, her body jerking and rocking, her breasts bouncing, gold necklace tossing and swinging. He fucked her with slow, deep, skewering thrusts now, taking his time, evidently recouping his energy and staving off their orgasms. He moved his hand to her face and she kissed his fingers, sucking the fingertips sexily. Reaching down, he cupped her breasts again, squeezing them, pinching and tugging at her long nipples. She groaned, squirming her butt in his crotch and lifted and turned her face again and I watched them kiss again, with lots of tongue.

“Ashok … please … fuck my ass,” I heard her moan thickly, breaking the kiss.

“Hear that?” he crowed, grinning at me. “She even takes it up the ass. Didn’t know that, did ya? Hope you’re enjoying the show! Now just watch how I stuff your whoring wife up the ass, wimp!”

Up the ass? I couldn’t believe it. I’d never imagined she’d agree to that, let alone want it or like it. In all our years together, I’d had no indication. This I had to see. I watched, my erection bursting as the servant took his cock in his hand and pressed it to her anus. I saw her tense fractionally, then relax and yield. She moaned eagerly.

The servant grinned devilishly. “See what I mean?” he said to me. Now just watch!”

A trifle rhetorical, that, I thought sardonically. I wasn’t going anywhere and all three of us knew it. What was happening before my eyes was much too horrific, compelling, erotic and irresistible. At the moment, I was struggling to stop creaming in my pants and keep the camera steady. I had circled around to a side-on shot now.

The servant grinned down at her and nodded once. Slowly, he slid out of her and instantly she moved her knees further apart and bent forward steeply again, lifting her buttocks and opening her anus for the servant’s pleasure. He moved away from her and from the small side-table beside the bed picked up a jar of lubricant I hadn’t ever seen before. Unscrewing the lid, he scooped a gob on one finger and slowly coated her anus with it, then slid his finger into her, up to the knuckle. Beneath him, Vidya shivered in pleasure. He lubricated her rear channel thoroughly with more of the sufficient, then generously salved his cock-shaft and cock-head.

Satisfied, he moved over her again in a crouch and pressed his cock-head to her anus. She tensed again, and then yielded and instantly he pressed inward and his huge cock-head popped into her rear channel. She gasped once, loudly, tensing, chewing her lower lip, her eyes closed.

My eyes fell on the jar of lubricant. It bore a small label, facing me now. It said the salve was for ‘use during sexual intercourse’ and that it was non-toxic, with no side effects and ‘safe for ingestion.’ Well, well.

Back on the bed, Ashok had now thoroughly embedded his huge cock in my wife’s ass. She moaned and gasped feverishly under him, her buttocks writhing and squirming, her head hanging between her arms, shaking drunkenly. Pressing his hands into the small of her back, the servant began sodomising her slowly and deeply and thoroughly. He moved unhurriedly, lifting his hips, drawing his huge cock-length out till just the cock-head was inside her, then slowly drilling deep into her again. She groaned and whimpered with each inward thrust. Gradually, he quickened the tempo and began moving faster, yet never losing the rhythm. He bent over her again so that they were now like copulating canines, his feet on either side of her belly, his knuckles on the bed outside her hands, his arms outstretched. His hips rose and fell and his glistening cock stroked steeply up and down and in and out of her rear channel. Her body jerked and rocked under his and I saw her twist her shoulder and thrust a hand under her legs and press her finger to her cunt, arch it inward and start masturbating slowly. Her voice rose in pitch and volume and the room filled with their cries.

“Yes … uhhhh yes Ashok yes! C’mon! Do it! Fuck my ass!”

“Oh fuck yes! C’mon, whore! Take my cock!” he rasped.

Her finger worked her clit and cunt feverishly now and her hips shook and jerked and rocked under his thrusts as she soared to a wild orgasm. It hit her hard and she gasped, crying out, her hand flying back to her buttocks, the fingers of the other hand scrunching the counterpane. The servant let it come, peak and pass and kept moving, going even faster now, each thrust making her cry out sharply in an agony of lust.

Her orgasm ebbed and she moaned, turning her face to his, enticing him to yet another deep, lingering kiss. “I want to suck your cock, Ashok,” I heard her murmur breathlessly.

The servant grinned at her and then up me, mocking me, and slid out of my wife’s anus, making her gasp softly. He turned around and leaned back on his elbows, bending his knees and spreading his legs wide. His rampant penis glistened, quivering upright. With a loud moan, she turned around and buried her face in his crotch, sucking his rampant penis feverishly, crushing her breasts in her hands. He grunted, one hand on her head, moving it up and down to suit his pleasure, caressing her face, feeling her lips on his cock-shaft. She pumped his cock in her fist, opening her mouth wide, running her tongue around the bulging cock-head, running her tongue and teeth up and down the thick, vein-ridged shaft, so recently a welcome guest in her anus, then ducking her head and sucking his heavy balls, then sucking his cock again, her face distending with its size and the working of her tongue on it.

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