Wife on a Date with another Man – Checklist for Cuckold Husband

wife out on date
Your wife is going out on a date with this man. She finds him cute and is not decided if she would go all the way with him. But he is definitely going to take her for dinner, then a long-drive. You wife may be even stay at his home for the night and return the next morning. As a cuckold husband, you have to ensure that your stunning wife looks her best for her date. Here is what you should do to ensure that your wife looks charming to her date.

1. Ask your wife what her date or boyfriend likes.  Do he likes his women with pubic hair or shaved. If your wife confides that he has a thing for shaved pussy, make sure you shave your wife’s muff.

2.  Ask your wife if she had a bowel movement,  apply her favorite nail polish.  Watch her as she does her hair and wears a lip gloss.

3.  Finger your wife , get her in the mood of feeling sexy but don’t let her cum.  Don’t you dare touch your cock.

4.   Ask her to wear the anklet and the wedding ring.

5.  Let her know that you will transfer the fund, if she is short of cash. Let her know that you are just a call away.

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