Wife Flashing Naked for Pizza Delivery Boy – Sex Story

wife nude pizza delivery guy

Here is a sex story of a how a hot wife flashes naked before the pizza delivery boy and masturbates him, while her husband watches.

A hot wife loves to flash herself naked and give pizza delivery boys a neat, hard surprise. While the chances of the pizza delivery guy actually fucking a wife is less, she does not mind flashing herself accidentally naked and creating an oops moment for the guy. Laurie a hotwife from Florida talks about how she and her husband have these funny games that spice up their sex lives. One of them is her flashing naked before the pizza delivery guy. While her husband was busy on the computer, there was a ring at the door. The couple knew it was the pizza delivery guy. Laurie says, “We had ordered for a Mexican pizza and we knew they would send a guy in 20 minutes. My cuckold husband asked me if I wanted to surprise the pizza guy. I laughed and said we will see. I had taken a bath and was feeling sexy. The timing was perfect, there was a door-bell as I emerged from the bathroom, smelling sexy and feeling great, wet hair and stuff. I wrapped myself with a towel and went to the door, winking at my husband. There was my boy, standing at the door. He was in his early 20s, kinda cute, while we are in our mid-30s.”

I accidentally dropped the towel and I saw the pizza delivery guy’s mouth open wide. It happened in 2 seconds and I said “sorry.” Of course, the sorry didn’t really matter. He had a shy smile on his person. In a few seconds, we knew that this guy was cute, harmless and a shy, horny person. My husband called out, “Honey, did he get sausages?” I asked him if he had a sausage. He was confused. I called him in to take his tip. He came in and I closed the door. I went to collect the tip for him and returned naked. The pizza delivery guy looked dumb-founded but super excited. I unzipped his pant and felt his rapidly hardening cock I said, “Yes, even this sausage will do darling.”

My cuckold husband was staring at us, as I fished his cock out and started giving him a skillful handjob. Then I told him to masturbate looking at me. He did so, which totally turned us on. He came loudly, his cum falling over the floor. Later, I tipped the pizza delivery guy and told him to keep quiet and not tell stories of this litle adventure to anyone, if he wanted a blowjob in the next order.

After the pizza delivery guy was gone, I made my cuckold husband who sounded quite authoritative then, lick the cum off the pizza delivery guy off the floor.

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