Wife flashing in public – tips to expose in front of strangers

hot wife flashing

wife exposing in public

wife exposing strangers
One of the ways in which your hot wife can prove her worth is by flashing in public. In order to make your hot wife expose to strangers, make sure you do these things.

1. Make sure that your wife is in a safe company – elite crowd or in a place where she can give an eye-full to the men in a non-threatening way.
2. Your wife should not wear panties, if she is wearing thigh length dress or she can wear a low neckline dress that can tease men with a view of her fantastic cleavage.
3. Be by your wife’s side but keep a distance, where she is showing off her stuff to strangers. She should feel secure and slutty at the same time.

4. Some of the best places to make your wife expose to strangers are the library , the swimming pool, the hotel room with a balcony, party night clubs and of course, the nude beaches. Check out the nude beaches where your wife can expose to strangers.




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