What should the cuckold husband do when wife is having sex with other man?

Your wife, the bull and you, the cuckold husband have to decide how you would like the sexual union to be. It can grow as you evolve and progress in the relationship. Here are some tips for the cuckold husband when his wife is fucking another man

  1. Wear a cock-cage or chastity lock and watch the act.
  2. Masturbate in a corner watching your wife fucking another man
  3. Make the bull ready to fuck wife – Priya, 41, says, “I like my husband to stroke my boyfriend’s penis and get it hard for me. We have now moved on to him sucking on his cock”  This act is also called fluffing and it does not mean that the husband is gay; he can just be interested in the cock (not the man) or it can be an act to base the dynamics of this kinky equation. By making the cuckold husband masturbate or give a blowjob to the bull, he  brands himself as the beta-male who is submissive to the Alpha male.
  4. Creampie eating –  After the bull finishes having sex with the wife, the cuckold has to eat the sparkling thick cream-pie, his deposit of semen from her pussy.  It does not give him a spoonful of protein but also ‘cleans up’ the act and shows that he respects the bull for ravishing his wife.

cuckold humiliation

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