Used Condom with Cum

Cum filled condoms, full of another man’s sperm is quite a gift for the cuckold husband. You have told your wife to have sex with other men, so she just let them shoot their creamy load in condoms, which she brings home for you to savor. You can choose to admire the used condom that funks up your room with the smell of your wife’s boyfriend’s cum or eat the nutritious creampie, so that you can get some extra dose of protein. Or else you can thrust the  cum collected in the condom back in your wife’s pussy.
cum filled used condom


Look at the sexy hot wife’s expression with a condom that carries fresh load of cum that hypnotizes her senses.

used condom full of cum


So what if your gorgeous wife had sex with all these men, she was careful enough to make them to shoot their cum in the condoms, which she has got for you to enjoy.

condom full of cum


The big black cock and the white cum, what  a sexy contrast, your wife loves to collect all the sperm that this black dude shot for her and then pour the contents in your mouth. Isn’t that a sexy cuckold humiliation?

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