Small Dick Humilation

small dick


small penis humilation

little dick humilation small dick humilationIf you are a cuckold husband with a small dick, it is a BIG reason for your wife to opt for a man with a real, big cock. Let’s face it, the penis is a symbol of manhood, at least in bed. Of course, technique matters, but size really hypnotizes, fascinates and excites. If your wife or girlfriend teases you about your dick size, it means she has the latent or urgent interest in touching and feeling a big cock inside her. She laughs and make fun of your little pencil dick knowing it cannot match to the humongous specimen of manhood, a thick, long cock that can leave a lump in her throat.

Jayesh, an Indian husband says, “I had an arranged marriage to my wife Radhika. My dick was just under 4 inches when erect. My wife and I love each other but she would make fun of my penis and call it ‘chintu’. As much as she loved me, I could see that she was fascinated with the size and shape of a big cock in movies and also the couple odd ones, she had seen in real life. Finally, we befriended this black man and I let my wife and her become friends. He charmed her out of her panties and my wife knowing my cuckold fantasies, was enjoying the attention of me watching this dude fuck her. But what fascinated me the most was my wife’s interest in his big cock which was more than twice my size and really thick.  My wife would always compare his big cock with my little dick, she still humiliates me in front of him and she and her boyfriend have a good laugh. For some reason, I am turned on  by my wife humiliating and making fun of my little dick and I know that I can never satisfy her as this man with a big cock.”


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