Ruined orgasm for the cuckold husband

Ruined orgasm is the erect cock automatically spilling cum aimlessly without any hand or mouth to see it through the ejaculation.  Denial is one of the powerful aspects of cuckold relationship. By engaging in a ruined orgasm, the wife denies the cuckold husband’s relationship, till he has no choice to moan as his cock begins to spill cum on its own.

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Giving the husband ruined orgasm is an art; the timing does matter. A woman who knows her husband’s penis well can do a good job at it. Communcation does matter in spicing up things; by this, we mean dirty talk.  The hot wife after having a date with her male friend should release the lock of the chastity cage, free his cock and then play with it. She should tease him and talk dirty; talk about how the date went. Nancy from Oklahoma says, “ Well, I either have his cock in a cage or at times  I just let him be. I then take his penis out of his shorts and talk about how great the sex was with my boyfriend. I tease him and mock his cock, it is a cute one actually just under 5 inches when erect, nothing like the massive hard-on of my boyfriend which is 8 inches and thick.  I talk explicitly about what my boyfriend did to me, all, the while caressing his cock and teasing the tip with my fingers.  I never give him a blowjob, just talk about how I gave one to my boyfriend.  The teasing and talking gets him off and I remove my hands off his cock. He tries to masturbate, I slap his hand and then stroke him again.  Then I realize by his throbbing that he cant take my dirty talk and my ministrations anymore; at that very instant, I take my hand off and watch semen seeping out from his peephole. I don’t do anything  but just watch as he ejaculates helplessly; it is definitely funny and erotic at the same time. “

Nancy is right; it is all about timing and knowning your husband’s penis well enough. All penises have a sensitive area called the glans and the little eye of the penis. Just keep teasing him at those sensitive spots and withdraw when he is on the verge of cumming. As a wife, you should practice ruined orgasms till both of you develop  a good sense of timing and pressure for this.




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