Penis Size Matters to Women, Especially Wives and Experienced Ladies

Women, especially sexually experienced ones and wives do agree that penis does matter.  Of course, technique is the deciding factor but if every man was good with technique, a woman will always love a big penis, attached to the man she is turned on by. It is a best kept secret by women, who may tell their cuckold husbands and boyfriends that peniss size does not really matter, but when it comes to sexual satisfaction, the size especially the thickness can really be a significant factor.  Women discuss penis size among themselves in a group.

woman love big penis

Suzanne, a wife from New Orleans says, “For me the length of the cock is not the most important but the thickness or girth does make a difference. If a penis is too thin and not very hard, I have a hard time feeling him at all.I’ve had very small lovers that were fun to be with but sexually couldn’t satisfy me at all.
My husband is not as big as my lovers and he’s quite a bit older so his cock is not as hard as it was in his younger days but we figured out a way to solve that problem and I’ve posted a pic. showing our solution in my personal gallery.And the great thing of it is that it’s both humiliating (which he likes) and satisfying( which I like).”
Murugan a husband from India says, “What surprises me is this that even woman who have experienced just one penis and have nothing to compare with, will wonder if grass is greener on the other side.My wife was virgin before we met (at least this is what she claims though she had a boyfriend before me and I like to believe otherwise). After our first few times, she once casually asked me if all men are of same size down there. Since I was just finished, I was not in a very cuck mode, still I answered honestly and told her the truth. Her next question was “so e.g the taller and muscular guys might be having a bigger one?”. Now, I am above average for Indian height but she is quite tall for an Indian girl and I know that she would have always preferred a taller guy than me, so this question appealed to my cuck sentiments and I got a immediate hard on.

penis size matters

I explained to her that it is not always the case but is usually the case. Then I casually mentioned that e.g by this theory, your ex-bf must have been carrying a bigger one around. She pretended to be angry but was not. Her cheeks were pink at the time! We went for another round immediately, where at least one of us was imagining her bf with her. I am very sure that she was also doing the same.”

Larry, a self-confessed cuckold says, ” Yes! Size  of the cock does matter to us, especially so to my wife! The longer & thicker the better! I guess I’d be considered “above average” both in length & girth, so no complaints there. My wife however has had sex with only one other guy since we married, and none prior to our marriage! Don’t believe it … well that’s your problem not ours! The guy she had her baptismal of black cock with is an old university friend & room mate of mine. During their sex play my wife was so transfixed on the size of his erect cock she actually & playfully measured it! He had almost 12 inches and was slightly over 8 inches in circumference taken at the midpoint of his cock. So her point is: quote: “For the most part those saying that size doesn’t matter most probably never experienced anything bigger than the mean average!”

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