Peeing in Wife’s Mouth After the Bull is Done

man peeing in woman's mouth

The bull leaves the niceties of romance to the husband, he is here to fuck his wife, man to woman. Once he has blown his load in her mouth or in her pussy, he pees in her mouth. After an intense sex session, the bull wants to relieve himself and what better than using the wife as his toilet. The sexy wife opens her mouth and drinks in the pee from the beautiful cock of her boyfriend. As much kinky as it is, it is also very intimate, this may well be the thing that your wife wouldn’t like to show her husband, he wouldn’t like to see his darling wife drinking piss of her male friend. But then, if you are a broad-minded cuckold who loves everything kinky, you may enjoy this thrilling sight. Drinking pee is healthy and drinking the piss of a virile, healthy man is even better. This is humiliation for the hot wife ┬ábut she loves it, it is nasty and dirty, and definitely not something that she will tell her girlfriends, even though she may confide that the sex with that pizza boy was thrilling.

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