Mainstream Movies with Cuckold Theme

Here is a list of mainstream movies with the cuckold theme in them

1. All Ladies Do It – This Tinto Brass film is about a wife who has sex with other men and tells her husband about her sexploits.  The husband thinks all of these are fantasizes until reality strikes him.

2. Animal Instincts – This erotic cuckold hotwife story is about a wife fucking other men, while her husband watches it from the TV in the other room.

cuckold sex mainstream movies

3. Indecent Proposal –  A married couple decide to let the wife have sex with a rich man for one night, in exchange for a million dolllars.

4.  Husbands and Lovers – This movie is about a hotwife who goes for  a date with her boyfriend with the cuckold husband watching helplessly.

5. Almost Pregnant – This sexy cuckold comedy is about a couple who decide to allow another man to fuck the wife, but someone else ends up impregnating her.

6. Zandalee – The wife has an affair with another man, because she is not sexually satisfied by her husband.

7.  Zebra Lounge – A sexy wife swapping movie which has the cuckold husband allowing his wife to fuck another man while he sleeps with the girlfriend of the former. The movie turns up as  a thriller by the second half.

8. Unfaithful – A cheating wife movie in which the wife has sex with another man, with the husband oblivious to the wife’s philandering.

Other mainstream movies with cuckold themes

Animal Instincts 2

Belle De Jour

The Big Chill

The Big Easy


Boogie Nights

Bitter Moon

Breaking the Waves

Eyes Wide Shut

The Good Girl

Henry and June


The Last Seduction

Nina Takes a Lover

Sex and the Other Man

Sex, Lies and Videotape

The Unfaithful Wife


Survival Island

Postman Always Rings Twice

Door in the Floor

Sex and The Consequences

Dead Calm

Eyes Wide Shut

Eye of the Needle

Lost Highway

Seduce Me – Pamela Principle 2


The Good Girl

Lake Consequence

Voyeur Confessions

Mon Amour

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