Indian Cuckold Husband Watches Wife Getting Fucked by Another Man – Story

My wife and me are so close that we share the most intimate thoughts without inhibitions. A few years back when she was 26 and I was 30, we were getting bored following the same old routines in our married life. Just to give you an idea, she is 5’5 and fair and very slim about 55 kilo and very very pretty with shoulder length curly hair. I am medium built and 5’8 and about 66 kilo.

So there we were making love (foreplay actually) on the sofa one Sunday afternoon and I was making her wet with very slight and slow movement of my fingers on her clit. (She was wearing a black tee shirt and a very small skirt.) That’s when we were speaking about our fantasies and I just went ahead and told her that I would like to try out group sex and we could start by having a threesome where we could invite one of our friends to join in.

I was expecting a big “NO” and a shocked expression from her as she was quite conservative. But probably because she was already so wet and feeling horny that (to my utter surprise) she very slowly whispered a “yes, that will be real fun” in my ear.

While that really set my heart racing, I couldn’t believe my ears and I asked her again to confirm and she clearly said yes. She said she would love to try it out but I should be broadminded enough. I told her that it was my idea in the first place so she was afraid of the wrong things. I assured her that our relationship is strong enough to get affected by the threesome as we were only using the opportunity to heighten our pleasures. We assured each other that we won’t let this pursuit of pleasure spoil our relationship.

We had amazing sex that day and again when we were chatting in the night we discussed the topic further. Finally we decided to find the right guy from the net rather than from within our group of friends. This proved to be more difficult than thought.

We would chat on yahoo and make friends with guys from our city, especially on cam. If she really liked the guy, she would ask me to go further and we narrowed down to one guy who was working in a networking company. We would speak with him on the phone over a few weeks and after a few days we were actually quite friendly. She would speak with him at least a couple of times each day.

While we had seen Amit on the webcam, he was eager to meet us. So we called him to Café Coffee day on a Tuesday, not far from our house to have an informal meet. She was dressed in a white salwar kameez and was looking pretty hot. He came and we chit chat for a while and I wanted her to decide if she liked him and we could take it forward from there. Amit was about 24yrs and very handsome. Once we were back in our car, she whispered to me that she was really excited to take it forward with Amit.

When we were back home she was feeling very excited and spent the next few days getting her eyebrows and upper lip done. Around midweek she asked me to invite Amit over the weekend. I spoke with him and he told me that coming over and spending the weekend with us was not a problem. He would tell his parents that he was going out of town with his friends. She also told me that she was extremely excited and could wait no more for Friday to arrive.

Friday arrived and my wife had cooked a nice meal in the afternoon and around evening Amit came over to our place. My wife was wearing a tight blue jeans 28size and tight light green tee shirt. She prepared tea and served snacks as well. Me and Amit were watching TV and were quite cool, so my wife finished her tea and went to the bedroom to lie down and read a magazine. After a while I was browsing the net in the other bedroom and Amit was watching TV alone in the hall.

After about half an hour Amit gathered the courage to come over to me and ask me if he can have some fun, and asked me to check with my wife, if she was also interested. He was ready to let her take her own time if she didn’t feel like it. I wanted to see some action, so I went to our bedroom and lay next to her and planted a few kisses which she responded to in good measure.

I told her about Amit’s request and the temperature in the room went up a few notches. I could see her face turn red with all the blood rush. Her ears were warm and she didn’t reply at all but increased the energy of her smooching. I was caressing her all the while and her thighs felt warm and her feet and hands were ice cold due to nervousness.

I wanted her to spell it out clearly, so after another ten minutes or so I asked again and she pulled my hands up from her waist to her breasts. She said “But you have to be with me all through”. That was such a clear go ahead signal. Also it was quite a subtle way of saying yes and still, making me feel wanted. It was clear that she was waiting for this for a long time, but didn’t want to make it obvious.

By now a restless Amit was swigging water by the litre, and was tensed up. I asked him to join in and I went back to the bedroom and resumed kissing. He came in and sat at the edge and after a while he was holding her hand and caressing her left thigh and feet. She was clearly very nervous with the first touch and was also very excited. Her eyes were closed and she was hugging me tight. I started moving down on her and started kissing on her navel (which she normally likes very much). That’s when Amit lay down next to her on the pillow.

I sat at the edge near her feet and was caressing her. Amit got the courage to start kissing her, first on the cheeks and neck then on the lips. He was quivering like a leaf. He was feeling quite awkward and so he asked me to leave the two of them alone for a while. Although this was a not what we planned, I moved out and closed the door behind me leaving a few inches open. I sat in the hall for a while. I was feeling very excited that I was barely able to watch the TV.

Within ten minutes or lesser I went back and was unable to see anything due to the darkness. It was about 6:30 pm and the lights in the room were off. So I went in and sat on a stool next to the bed very close to both of them. He was kissing freely now and she was returning the kisses properly. Her hands were on his back and holding his neck from behind. His hands were on her breasts over the tee shirt. He had already unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped it, maroon panty in full view.

By now they were both aware of my presence and didn’t care at all and so I sat next to her on the bed near the wall away from the bed. Amit was on her other side. He was trying his best to slide the jeans down but it was quite tight. He was able to get it down to the knees and I helped him by pulling it down from the ankles. She was feeling really shy now and crossed her legs. His hands were moving all over her very fair legs and also on her waist and hips.

I was also caressing her thighs and I could make out the very large bulge in his pants. It was pushing against her thigh and her hand had brushed it and felt it a few times. Very soon the tee shirt also moved up and her bra clasp also was undone. He was kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples.

I went ahead and removed her panty which was quiet wet, and I was kissing the insides of her thighs. Amit got rid of his tee shirt and pants and got back to kissing her and I could see her hand feeling his cock through his underwear. I was closer to her pussy but I was not licking her pussy as the wetness was just too much and it was flowing down to her thighs.

I moved up to the pillow and kissed her shoulder and neck and whispered her to take out Amits cock and feel it. She pulled it out and I could see that it was quite huge with a very large maroon head already slid out of the foreskin. She was stroking it. It had trimmed hair and the nuts were quite a handful for her.

At that point I asked Amit if he wanted to have intercourse now. He said that he was a virgin and didn’t know how to do it. I was quite surprised as I was not expecting him to be totally a fresher to this. He asked me to start having intercourse myself and I slid out of my clothes and started penetrating her bare. He was watching and I was at it for about ten minutes or so in missionary position. I then withdrew without cumming and asked him to get in. I gave him a condom to put on. He said that since it was his first time, he wanted to go in bare. I told him that we didn’t want her impregnated at that point in time (I don’t think we would have aborted it should there have been an accident). He assured us that he would withdraw as soon as he was about to cum. So we asked him to go ahead.

I was lying next to her and he was about to lose his virginity to my wife in the missionary position. He was hard enough and he was trying to penetrate, and within a minute he blurted out that he was not able to penetrate. So I took his cock in my hand and lowered it to the correct position and guided him to the correct hole and asked him to push in a few inches. First an inch went in and then two and slowly the wetness helped him get in fully. I realized he was trying to push into the area just under the clit and he didn’t know what to do. He should have moved up and down on the pussy before pushing in to the lower part where the actual entry takes place. So after guiding it in, I felt his balls slapping my hand and I withdrew my hand. She could have helped him too but I guess she was too shy to do it in front of me.

He was gentle and slow and he kept at it for about less than ten minutes. I had a hand towel nearby and laid the towel on her flat and slim tummy. She was moaning softly and was telling me that she was really feeling very sexy and don’t want this to stop. I was kissing and licking her neck and he took turns doing the same and also sucked on her nipples. My finger was on her clit as well. She was having a nice time but still not climaxing. In less than ten minutes he withdrew and shot his cum on the towel. I was almost expecting him to cum inside her but he withdrew and I continued to finger her. She was quivering with an orgasm just as he withdrew and I helped her reach it with my fingers. She loves her clit being pinched gently and squeezed a bit in circular motions. It was over in a few minutes and we lay there for a while and she was cuddling Amit and they were talking about other mundane things. It was a really erotic sight to see all of us enjoying each other in the nude. Finally she went to take a shower.

Amit stayed for a while and was a little off color because this was his first real sexual experience and the first time, it, usually is, emotionally draining. Even though we wanted him to stay till Sunday, he discussed this with us and we decided that we could meet some other week end. He left on his bike and after that we had more sex that night. It was an amazing experience for both of us.

We got back to our routines again and a couple of weeks passed. Amit used to call up once in a while and make small talk. The buildup was getting to some point again. We decided to meet again and for a longer duration this time.

So again we decided to meet and this time on a Saturday. He arrived at around 8 pm. He had finished his dinner. He was vegetarian and he wouldn’t even eat garlic/ginger and we were non-veg coming from a muslim background. So he preferred to have his dinner before coming over or he would cook something he liked alongwith my wife, and we never had any issues with that. He would however eat breakfast in our house which is usually veg anyway. It was fun seeing him cook sometimes. Coming back to that Saturday, he was again in his tee shirt and jeans. He had parked his bike inside our flat’s parking area and that meant he would stay the night over with us. My wife was dressed to kill. She was looking very ravishing in her pink two piece nightie.

We were watching TV for a while and we were tuned into some movie. Amit was on the sofa and we two were cuddled on the deewan mattress which we had placed on the floor, adjacent to the wall. I was kissing her often and Amit was deeply engrossed in the movie. My wife was getting angry at the lack of interest we were showing in her. So she got up and moved to the bedroom and on her way she switched the TV, off, and said “time to go to sleep guys”.

We were rather suddenly excited at her bold behavior and smiled at each other. I changed into more comfortable clothes and went into the bedroom but Amit continued to sip water and sit in the hall.

In a few minutes we two were cuddled up in bed and I realized she was quite wet with all the foreplay in the living room. I was trying to get her out of the nightie but she stopped me and told me to get Amit from the hall. I wanted to see how desperately she wanted him, so I asked her to go to the hall herself, and get him. She went to the hall and I was waiting for them to come.

After a few minutes I was still waiting and no one came. So I went into the hall to find out. They were both in a tight embrace on the floor and her nightie was gone. He was wearing only his vest. The rest of the clothes were in a heap nearby. They were kissing each other and his huge cockhead was just near her pussy.

I just sat there next to them mesmerized by the sight. They saw me and I asked them to carry on. Since she was on top of him, she guided his erect penis into her pussy, and started riding him. Her nipples were in his mouth and that was turning her wild.

I just couldn’t control myself and I started touching myself. She saw that and started sucking me intermittently.

In about fifteen minutes she was having her first orgasm. She was lying on her back and Amit was having sex in the missionary position. He would pull out almost completely and then ram it in hard in one quick brutal motion. This was really driving her nuts. I remember clearly how she held my hand and hugged me tightly while he continued. I had not seen her so wild ever before. She moved my hand down to her pussy and I started stroking her clit. It was totally wet and covered with sticky juices. Amit was still ramming her hard and my finger took the shock once or twice. He had cum already but he continued to fuck her pussy. After a while he lost the erection and we all moved to the bed.

I had been waiting for my chance and was too excited by now. So I immediately started having sex myself, with her in the doggy position. It was very wet and lots of stuff was trickling out and dropping on the bed. Due to the excitement I came in less than 5 minutes. Around 11 we were fast asleep, she was in the middle and we guys were on the two sides. She was wearing a black tee shirt and nothing else. I was playing with her thighs and pussy while amit was touching her breasts from inside the tee shirt.

It was around 3 am when she was twisting and turning and this woke me up. Amit was in deep sleep and she told me she wanted to have more fun. I told her to go ahead with me, but she wanted to wake up amit. After a few futile attempts to wake him up, she simply started smooching him and kissing in his ears. She was also stroking his dick and I could see it was quite soft.

I told her to start sucking amit if she really wants it to be hard. She did that and soon he was hard and was also mumbling something about wanting to sleep. She just got on top of him and got his (now wet) dick inside her pussy. After a few seconds amit started thrusting from below. They were at it for a short while before he ejaculated and lost his erection.

She went to the bathroom and came back in and slept between the two of us.

In the morning around 7:30 or 8 I woke up to the pleasant sight of them kissing and hugging. I started touching her thighs and soon she was holding two dicks in two hands. Her pussy was wet and needed attention, so I started fucking her first. She was licking and sucking his cock head which had grown big and almost maroon. We were at this for a while, and she was alternating between him and me for a while after which I showered. She went to have her bath with amit in tow.

I was then watching TV in the hall while they both were cooking a nice breakfast. Amit was telling her how much he liked to cook and she was quite happy to work with him. I remember they made potato-zeera subzee with paranthas. He was fondling her all the while. She was in shorts and tee shirt. I could watch them from the hall. I let them take their time with the cooking, without interfering. He later told me that he was enjoying the pleasures of married life, and that he wanted more of this.

Amit used to come often. She was on her menses the following week. He worked in the night shifts and would sometimes come in the afternoons to meet us. Most times, I would be out on work and I was with them together only a few times.

Amit would always be polite enough to ask me if he could take her out for a movie. I would let her take the decisions herself and they would go out to movies, to the mall very close to my house. A couple of times they insisted I join them. Most of the times they would go out by themselves because in those days my work was keeping me very busy. She had met a couple of Amit’s friends in the mall and they had lunch together. This was a few months after we had first started.

Indian wife fucking other man

She wanted to see Amits home, and one day when his parents were not there, he took her to his house. She would not hide anything from me and would tell me when they had sex and what they did together. She was quite happy with the way things were going. She told me that she would often play with Amit in the movie. Sometimes suck him. And that he had sex with her in his house twice.

She told me about both of Amit’s friends and that they were very handsome and were almost drooling over her during lunch. They knew amit was close to her and that he was having fun with her. Hence the extra drooling.

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