Hot Wives and Cheating Girlfriends

Well, first of all, I don’t think there are any “types” of wives or girlfriends, in terms of all of them ONLY being interested in ONE thing, but I think there are many interests for hot wives and hot girlfriends out there, so with that in mind, here goes:

– Some women don’t want to have sex with other men, but do so because their husband asks for it.

– Some women have fully open relationships with their husbands, and in that case, each is allowed to have sex with whoever.- Some women also have sex with other men, because they are genuinely turned on after their husbands tell them about it. It can help spice up a couple’s sex life.

– Some women sleep with other men, and tell their husbands out of guilt. Sometimes, the husband gets mad, and sometimes he’s actually interested in it. Sometimes, if the women can’t help it, they do it again because their husbands want them to, or despite what their husbands want.cheating wife naked

– Some women do it to get back at cheating husbands, or because their husbands are unable to have sex.

– Some women sleep with other men simply because it turns them on, despite what their boyfriends think.

– Some women also just cheat on their boyfriends. Sometimes, there’s guilt but they don’t say anything. And, sometimes, they do it and don’t tell him because it excites them beyond belief.

– Some women do it because it’s a way of working through hatred for father figures, or because they were abused, but that’s not to say every woman who went through that would do it.

– Some women do it to hurt (or humiliate) their husbands. Sometimes, the husbands like it. Sometimes, I guess they just live with it or leave.

– Sometimes, women also want to become really submissive to someone else. They feel too secure with their boyfriend or husband, and want to feel dangerous, or bad, or feel like sexual objects. They’re tired of being good or over-thinking things.

– Sometimes, women also love the contrast of skin colour and attitude. Some white women get turned on by black men. Some women only have sex with black men.

– Sometimes, women also fall in love with a “Bull” or “lover”. Their hormones and emotions take control. Sometimes, they tell their boyfriends. Sometimes, they don’t.

– Sometimes, women also have a secret fantasy of being someone else’s. Sometimes, those fantasies involve going out and being risky with sex, or being “pimped out” by their new boyfriend.

– Sometimes, a woman also wants to go off the pill with her new boyfriend. Sometimes, she gets amazingly turned on by the thought of risking pregnancy with him. Sometimes, she comes to her senses. Sometimes, she lets her body get what it wants.

hot wife sex

– Sometimes, a wife or girlfriend will actually leave her husband or boyfriend, and move in with her new one. Sometimes it works out.

– And sometimes, some women just don’t know what to think!

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