Having sex with other men in front of husband cheating ?

Is sex with other men with the husband watching or knowing, really cheating ? A lot of women and their husbands believes that it is not cheating and just a kinky way of spicing up your sex life. We spoke to a few women who had cuckolded their husbands or braced the swinger lifestyle and they believe that their bond with their husbands have increased tremendously.

Brigette (38) from England says, “Well, we have been in the marriage for 13 years and we have a couple of kids too.  Sex was there but it was getting mundane rather than exciting.  My husband always had these fantasies about his wife having sex with other men. Much as I would check out other men, it would not go beyond flirting. But with more interaction  with my husband,  I decided to give it a try. Of course, I wanted to have sex with other men. I confessed to him that I did masturbate about other men. This realization made us both very comfortable with each other, and since then we have been very open about our sexual feelings. I told him that I would have sex with this amazing guy at my workplace but I just feared that it would impact our marriage. But my husband told me that nothing could affect our marriage and our relationship was the most solid one, irrespective of the fooling around that we may do. I brought this guy home and I made my husband watch as this guy had sex with me. Then we got my husband in too. But he just watched us fuck.  We have moved on to threesome sex and I have done with a couple of other guys too, people whom we trust. So, I think the whole cuckold-bull element is also a thing of trust. My husband’s libido has fired up like crazy. At 44, he gets frequent erections compared to when he was 21. I have never been happier,”

Lata from India says, “ I don’t think having sex with other men, if the husband knows about it, is cheating.  Come on, we all cheat, in the mind. I am yet to find a man who doesn’t think about other women, and wouldn’t want to have sex with them. The same goes for women, we also fantasize about other men, wonder how their cocks look like how they would be in bed. Of course it may not be as common for us like in the case of men, but we still do; especially with the men; we talk on a frequent basis or the ones we find cute or sexy. In my case, yes; I had slept with my ex-boyfriend Aroon even after marriage,  and my husband is fine with it.  Aroon and I were in a relationship but our parents did not approve it.  Those days were different and I was not the rebellious sort. Fortunately or unfortunately, Aroon took my virginity.  Mercifully, I got an understanding husband. We discussed our exes and I with a lump, in my throat; talked about my ex-boyfriend.  My husband was interested, taking in all the details. I noted that he would even get an erection when I would talk about our makeout sessions.  Finally, I told him that Aroon was the first one to fuck me. I remember my husband fucking my brains off that night.

wife fucking other men in front of husband

I however, did not muster the courage to tell my husband that I was still cheating on him. Not technically but this guy was always text-messaging me or pinging me online; talking about how much he missed me and that he would still fantasize about me. Once my husband happened to read my mail, when I had gone to the loo. He confronted me and told me that as a husband, he was fine with me having sex with this man. The only condition he wanted was that nothing should hurt our relationship.  After that, there was no question of cheating on my husband and I had sex with my boyfriend the very next day. My husband asked me to invite Aroon over. To my amazement, they have become such buddies. They would talk about boring things like cricket matches and in the night, they would be on either side of the bed, taking me. I have never been happier, I have a boyfriend who is great to have sex with and my husband who loves being cuckolded. Most importantly, my respect and love for my husband has increased, he is indeed an ideal man.  I am thankful for my parents for this arrangement .ha ha.”

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