Funny Names for Small Penis – Photos

Cuckold men who have small penis are a source of amusement for their wives and their boyfriends..
A hot wife Sandhya whose husband has a small penis, says, “Well, we have funny names for a small dick, it is called ‘nuni;.A big cock is either called a lund or a lauda but a small one is called a nuni.”

Another hotwife Renee from London says, “The benefit of having a cuckold husband with a small penis is that it looks so cute, like a little mouse. And the whole thing fits in the mouth like a little chewing gum.” Jessica from Colorado says, “A man with a small dick like mine, stands for sense of humor. I have to look at it, and I start giggling. My boyfriend who has this huge 9 inch cock really rules over my cuckold husband with a 2 incher. But I love my husband, he is a sweetheart, he makes his wife feel special in bed.”

Kathy, a hotwife from New Jersey says, “A woman who says your cock is cute, means it is either average or small. She will either say ‘big’ ‘thick’ or just remain speechless, if you have a big cock.”

Funny names for small penis

Here are photos and names for small penis used by women on their boyfriends and husbands with small organs.

Stuart Little

teenie weenie
wee willie winker
wee one
small fry
itty bitty
man clit
Oh baby
Minnie Mouse (Mini)
Little lollipop

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