Exposing Nude Wife to Strangers in Hotel Room

Cuckold husband love to flaunt their wife’s sexy nude body to strangers. Mostly in hotel rooms, cuckold husband and their hot wives decide to play a game of showing that the wife is pretending to sleep, her naked ass flashing, resplendent in its voluptuous glory to the eyes of the waiter or the bell-boy. Sometimes, the husband and the wife may make it seem as accident but mostly, it is a deliberate show of ass to tease the stranger. Most hot wives love showing their ass because the face is not visible, yet the effect is potent enough to make the waiter or bell-boy cherish the moment than the bigger tip he could possibly get. Sometimes, the husband may just ask the bell-boy or waiter to join them in the bed and fuck his wife.
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The benefit in this risque act is the thrill of a fuck from a stranger¬† or at least some fooling around, plus the bell-boy or the waiter are people whom you just meet once, and that’s it. These people would normally keep quiet and not talk much because of the trust level they have to gain from you. If you do decide to include the stranger in the hotel room for a fuck with your wife, insist on a condom. Else, your wife can just suck on his cock or give him a pleasurable handjob. Or you can just make him masturbate watching your wife. Sex is not the only thing, there are so many kinky things you can do,in the privacy of the hotel room.
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Just make sure that your wife exposes her naked self to the stranger only on the last day of your exit from the hotel. This makes things utterly discreet and safe.

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