Different Penis Shapes and Types

Types of penis shapes

Penises are of different sizes and shapes. It is fair that the hotwife gets to play with all of these. Which type of penis shape has your wife seen ?

The mushroom shape cock is identified by a slim shape and a mushroom tip, mostly found in muslim men

The button cock is a cute but thick and stount

The curved cock reaches places in the pussy that can definitely make her aroused.

The ribbed cock is thick and a perfect penis for the woman to experience amazing sex.

The Ant-Eater cock is a talented one, suited for blowjobs, in the ass. It is basically her favorite, dependable cock

The beer can is a classic cock, vintage attraction, manly and thick enough to make the woman salivate.

The needle cock is thin but sleek enough to pleasure her, than hurt her. And an ideal one for the woman to take up her ass.

The donkey cock, majestic enough to make the cuckold’s head dropped in shame and his cock rise in excitement. Enough set, the sight of that dong can make the wife reach between her legs

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