Benefits of Being a Bull for a Cuckold Husband and Hot Wife

1. The bull gets to dominate the wife and the husband. It can be such a turn-on to watch a married couple being subversive to his sexual prowess.

2. The bull is not answerable to the married wife and certainly not to her husband. They are answerable to each other.

3. The bull does social, sexual service. He services married wives and brings vigor to their sex lives. The cuckold husband also benefits. So many husbands and wives have got their libido and sex drive back after the bull was brought in.

bull fucking wife

4.  The bull gets free lunches and is paid for frills by the wife and the husband.  The sexually satisfied wife may even give gifts to the bull for being such a beautiful animal in bed.

5. The bull understands the dynamics of marriage more than anyone else. He has been with couples, know them on an emotional level, knows what turns them on and what they would refrain from. Being such a private person with the married couple brings them into an intimate bond.

6. The bull brings spice into the lives of the married couple.  The husband becomes more loving to the wife. He sparks their sex-life.

7. The bull really FUCKS  the hot wife.  For the bull, the married woman is just a piece of ass.  Unlike the husband who may have turned complacent, the bull is intense in his horniness. He is hungry for the woman. It is cock vs cunt, primal animal instinct between a man and a woman when a bull has sex with a hot wife.  The cuckold husband is just a spectator as the two horny animals fornicate.  The wife is awakened to her primal feelings of passion which awakens her womanly side.

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