Anklet – Sign of Hotwife who is Available

The ankle bracelet is a holdover from medieval times when women in some places were actually chained down with ankle cuffs as a sign of ownership. True, in some cases for wives, but primarily for slave women and indentured servants.
hotwife anklet
Over the years they took on sexual significance in European cultures. ie; that the left ankle signified exclusivity either to a husband or her white race. In the past 200 years it has morphed into the “hotwife” definition for white women seeking sexual relations with black men. The degree of interest the woman has is determined by how elaborate the bracelet is. A simple chain would indicate a general willingness to be approached by a black man for intimacy. The heavier the chain the more intense the interest. When the chain is adorned with charms this is supposed to signify interest in conceiving a child with a black man.
There are all sorts of opinions on the subject of ankle bracelets on married white women. The main consensus is that wearing it on the left ankle signifies that the woman is either exclusive to her husband, or to white men. If work on the right ankle it signifies interest in sexual relationships with black men, or depending on how elaborate the bracelet is, in conceiving children with a black man.
Obviously the more heavy and bold the bracelet the more intense the interest. It carried the “hotwife” signal. It sends a message to black men that they should approach her she’ll be interested. If it has charms attached – the pregnancy message is prominent. It has been a message women have been sending for a long time.  sexy anklet wife

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