Loose Open Pussy Tells a Slutty Story

December 15, 2013 admin 0

  A loose pussy tells a story, of a cock/cocks conquest before you. Compared to a virginal pussy, a loose fucked pussy looks slutty and mature, they are sexy, they are flexible enough to take […]

Wife Fucking Neighbor – Sexy Story

December 7, 2013 admin 0

 Here is an erotic story of a horny wife fucking her neighbor when husband is away Anita and her husband Amar moved into a new town consequent upon his transfer and they picked this new apartment […]

Hot Wives and Cheating Girlfriends

December 7, 2013 admin 0

Well, first of all, I don’t think there are any “types” of wives or girlfriends, in terms of all of them ONLY being interested in ONE thing, but I think there are many interests for […]

Wife sucking another man’s dick

November 30, 2013 admin 0

Watching your wife suck another man’s dick can be such a turn-on, the power the bull holds over your wife can be amazing. Robert, a cuckold husband from Uk talks about how his wife would […]

Small Dick Humilation

November 26, 2013 admin 0

  If you are a cuckold husband with a small dick, it is a BIG reason for your wife to opt for a man with a real, big cock. Let’s face it, the penis is […]

Women Cheat More Than Men and Lie Better

November 26, 2013 admin 0

A recent research has shown that women cheat as much as men, but are able to lie better and keep things extremely secret. A survey by Undercoverlovers.com found out that 95 percent of women  cheat […]

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